(age 2-4)


Learn basic ballet with nursery rhymes and songs. Dance and twirl with scarves, wands and hoops.


If you love dance and making noise, tap’s for you! Learn basic tap steps and have fun.


Be funky and ‘street’ in this Mini Pre School dance class where trainers and baseball caps are a must.

AGES 4 – 18


Ballet is the most important genre. It teaches posture, balance, musicality, and discipline and gives a good technical grounding to all other forms of dance. 


Tap is an exciting form of dance where rhythm is key. Shoes are worn to make sounds on the floor as a form of percussion. It is exciting and fun!


Modern requires high energy, strength and flexibility. It concentrates on every part of the body and in older grades requires good co-ordination and style.


Jazz is a progression of Modern where the style uses travelling steps, kicks, leaps and turns. Aimed at the older dancer, it requires a good technical background either from Ballet or Modern.

Street Dance

A high energy, feel-good genre where trainers and tracksuits are the way forward. This popular genre is a fantastic way to let go and keep up with the new current trends in dance.


This is the perfect blend of Ballet and Modern. It requires flexibility and strength as well as huge amounts of breadth and control. 


Classes will promote self-confidence, and public speaking, as well as playing characters, improvisation and script writing. It’s definitely a fun genre.


Classes are in groups where songs will be learned and performed. A great progression from drama and normally the two go hand in hand.


This class promotes the ‘triple threat’ performer who can dance, sing and act. Musical Theatre and Pop songs are taught which come together to produce an annual Christmas Show. This class is for Year 7’s and above.

Acro for Dancers

Acro is short for Acrobatics and this genre will be a perfect blend into dance. It’s definitely not gymnastics, but ‘tricks’ will be taught which can be used to enhance a routine. It requires flexibility, strength and stamina.